The Kombo plant is found across many areas of West Africa. Kombo butter is the “African nutmeg”, Pycnanthus angolensis.

It bares some beautiful flowers similar to the orchids, then produce a colorful fruit. 


The kombo butter is extracted from the seeds. It is dark in colour and is prized for its anti-inflammatory properties.

The nuts have a slightly aromatic scent.


There are many traditional uses for the Kombo plant, and these utilize the bark, roots, leaves and seeds.

The Ibos in Nigeria pound the bark of the Kombo plant to use as a mouthwash, and also as a remedy for toothache and appetite loss.

Infusions of the bark are used to prevent anaemia, headaches and scabies.


The rich, unrefined butter has a unique, dark, chocolate-brown color with hues of deep burgundy and dark blue. 

Its aroma is both fruity and earthy, reminding some of burnt caramel or even mushrooms. 

It is a silky butter that absorbs quickly and has numerous wonderful benefits. 

Kombo butter is antimicrobial, antifungal, loaded with antioxidants, and even has anti-rheumatic properties. 

Not only is Kombo butter useful for soothing dry and irritated skin, it may also help alleviate joint and muscle pain.


We use kombo butter in our range of pain relieving creams and lotion.

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