In the year 2009, a sweet little boy was born.

He was allergic to every chemical you can name. And his digestion was very sensitive.


His mother, our founder, Virginie, started researching and learning about how to live without these chemicals.

How to improve her child live with all the goodness Mother Earth provides for us.

She discovered the slow living, and embraced it with her whole family.


She started making almost everything at home, everything from scratch, home made.

Of course, our little boy health improved and he was now in very good health.


As time went and the family grew from 1 child to 4 children, she researched even more, got trained professionally about nutrition, medicinal herbs and essential oils, and started to make creams and teas, oils and ointments for the friends, the neighbors, the colleagues...


​And these home made remedies were very effective!


​The friends suggested it could become a company, that Virginie could improve more people lives by providing them with her herbal remedies hand made with Love...


​And so... Tree of Life was born!


​From her kitchen and selling to the neighbors on craft markets... to a first shop in Accra... then a second...


And today, in 2018, with the same effective formulas, and a team of dedicated workers, we are selling internationally in more than 10 countries.

Virginie de Gheldere

Founder and Managing Director

"I am very happy to share with you the natural herbal products that I crafted with all my hearth for my own children. I wish they soothe and heal you, and allow you to feel Loved and at ease in your own body.

I am proud to embody the words of Gandhi "be the change you want to see in this world".

I wish to see more kindness and care in this world and more respect for our mother Earth and for our brothers and sisters."

© 2018 by Tree of life Intl

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