love to our customers...

Amiable customers, we are glad to announce to you that our products are doing great in the market. however, we are always grateful to you for your patronage...Notwithstanding, we promise to always put in our best in our quest to meet your natural, authentic and luxury needs.

It's with love that we produce and package our products to meet your health and beauty needs. As you know, our products are purely organic sourced and produced locally from the rich soil of Ghana.

"Tree of life" as a name portrays love, care, health and beauty that flow from the "tree" nature has blessed us with, all these summed up is "life". A reputable organic company as "Tree of life" derive joy in healing and beautifying your body with herbs, seeds and roots, carefully sourced to soothe your skin and heal your body.

We are always at your service, as such we are head bent on meeting your cosmetics and health needs. let us introduce to you our new discoveries and repackaged body magics.

Whipped shea butter, Alata samina, Moringa mint, Detox tea, Shea butter unscented facial soap, Whipped shea body butter

Herbal detox tea, Flat tummy herbal tea, Moringa and mint herbal tea

Noni juice, Activated charcoal, Raw honey, Coconut flour, Coconut oil

Face & body scrub made with activated charcoal and tumeric

Sourced and made in Ghana with love, neatly packaged to meet international standard...check us out on Instagram @treeoflighana


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